Wednesday, 27 March 2013

What makes a great cafe?

All pics from Angie's iPhone taken on location from the past year around the coffee shops of the world!
I have a confession to make: I take a lot of photos of coffee.  I recently looked through the photos on my  phone and realised that almost every other photo was of a mug of coffee.  And, in a strange way, documented my coffee and cafe adventures over the past year.  So I made them all into a collage.  I Love the result! You can almost smell the coffee!

Which got me thinking - what does make a great cafe?  So here are my Top 10 things that make a cafe (or coffee shop) a really great one!

Cool staff – Who greet you with smiles and remember your name.  They also remember your (fussy) coffee of choice; i.e. Double shot soy latte with 1 sugar and a magic wish.

Music – some background laid back vibes you don’t really recognize but makes you imagine you’re somewhere in Europe.  Even if the weather outside is freezing.

Armchairs – or sofas; a comfy chair and a coffee are a match made in heaven.

Great coffee – Of course!  A barista who knows what they’re doing, a nice blend of beans.  And nice milk texturing.   Soya milk options essential.  Train your staff to know about coffee.

Free WIFI - Of course!  – where do you think I’m writing this post from?

Toilets – all that coffee’s gotta go somewhere!

Chinaware - I’m not into big mugs.  I think the big mugs of Starbucks and Central Perk era are well over.  I love small cups with great coffee in it – size isn’t everything y’no.

Location - Somewhere near some pretty shops for browing before/after go down well too.  A cafĂ© beside the beach also scores highly – obviously ;)

Eats – a great menu!  I love cafes that have all day breakfast – and a nice smell of cinnamon.

Company – who you choose to share a nice mug of coffee and conversation with, is very VERY important ;)

Photos from a few of my favourite cafes; Left to right from the top…
Moore and Moore, Freemantle
Colonna and Smalls, Bath
Lemon Lane, Claremont Western Australia
Greens Leederville, Perth, Western Australia
The Swallow Bakery, Cheltenham UK
The Dancing Goat, Swanbourne, Western Australia
Colonna and Smalls, (again) Bath
Society Cafe, Bath UK
Huffkins, Cheltenham, UK

Tell me your favourite cafe and let's go for coffee!!

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