Work with me

I'd really love to help bring your food stories to life!

You could say it's my mission to inspire people to eat great food, one bite at a time.  So let's work together on something awesome! 

▲ Demonstrations and Presentations
I've helped some top brands create some really great food presentations and demos - maybe you need a fun foodie for your brand too?  I can bring recipes to life, interact with your audiences and demonstrate just how fun and easy creating great food can be.

▲ Food and image styling
Do you like the photos on the blog?  Would you like something similar for your brand or business with perhaps some awesome food styling and photography direction along the way?  I can happily help you out with that!

 Recipe development and creative copy
Need a kick ass recipe?  Let me whisk one up for you!  Need some words?  Let me do the typing for you.

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