Friday, 2 March 2012

Gluten Free Beef Burgers

Just call me Ronald.  That's Ronald McDonald.

Yep, even the bun is gluten free.  

Unfortunately Beef Burgers get a bad wrap.  And I blame Ronald MacDonald.

Done properly, Beef Burgers are amazing.  Just try not to think about the M-word for a second.   Basically forget everything you know and associate with burgers and try this recipe; it’s so simple and the burgers are tastier than you can imagine and healthier than a yoga toned bendy gym instructor.

The inspiration behind these burgers came from Western Australia, which really does have the best burger cafes I’ve ever come across.  There was a particular burger bar called Flipside that was in North Fremantle.

Whenever I needed cheering up, a Flipside burger would make the world great again.  My choice was the basic burger but with a fried egg on top.   I’ve salivating just thinking about it!

So my task today was to create a Beef Burger that was not only delicious, but also healthy and gluten free too.  And I must say that the result was so good, I'll be making more of these beefy guys tomorrow!

225g Waitrose Angus Minced Beef
2 teaspoons of Tomato Ketchup
3 teaspoons of Worcester Sauce
2 teaspoons dry mixed herbs
2 tablespoons of Gluten Free Breadcrumbs (I used Crimbles)

Gluten free buns, I got Freefrom from Sainsburys.

My filling ingredients
Mayo or garlic aioli
Tomato sauce or Tomato Relish
Avocado, sliced
Tomato, sliced
Iceberg lettuce

Put the mince into a bowl, add the herbs, ketchup, Worcester sauce and breadcrumbs and mash it all up together well – use a fork to break up all the mince, I found this worked well.

Shape into burgers about the same size of a Tuna tin (I think the size of a can of Tuna is a good measure!)

Pop on a plate and cover with cling.  Pop in the fridge and chill for 1 hour.

When you’re ready, heat up a griddle pan (or BBQ if it’s sunny … not chance at the moment in the UK, but if you’re lucky and in sunnier climates, go for it!)  Once it’s real hot, pop the burgers on and cook for 4 – 5 minutes on each side, or until there’s no pink in the middle.

On another griddle pan, heat up some oil.  Grab a ciabatta roll and drizzle with oil both sides, pop onto the griddle pan and toast up each side. 

Take off the heat; spread one side with Mayonnaise and the other with Tomato Ketchup or Tomato Relish.  Pop the lettuce and tomato on the mayo side and top with Avocado.  Then pop on the burger and sandwich between the other piece of bread.  And there you have it – You can pop a lolly stick or kebab stick through the centre to serve (to keep all the middle together) or just grab it in your hands and eat it quick before someone else does!   … or the middle starts to fall out!

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