Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Birthday and a Beach

So another Birthday has arrived! And the sun came out!

I had a lovely day full of surprises - birthdays always make you smile for many reasons - like friends who live far away and remember (and are organised enough) to send you a card which arrives on your birthday.  My friend Jo, who I've known for 13 years and now lives in Canada, never fails to send me a birthday card every year no matter where in the world she is.  The envelope is always covered in pretty stamps and stickers and she always writes a nice little note with it too.

As for pressies, I got lots of new herbs and plants for my windowsill!  I am cultivating my first strawberries, basil and rocket thanks to Georgina, and then I got a nice bundle of Mint, Coriander and Parsley too!  I'm going to have to get some more windows!

Window box greenhouse via IKEA £12
As a birthday treat, I took myself to the beach for the weekend - the sun was shining and I needed some sea air, inspiration and relaxation, and I definitely found it here... listening to the waves and other people's funny conversations on the beach was great entertainment (a new phase of people watching, is people eavesdropping!) I then enjoyed a nice plate of Fish and Chips for dinner.   Sorry I didn't take a photo of the fish and chips to share with you (I really wish I had, to remember the moment) but I ate them all before I thought about it.  Yum.   I was as happy as the seagull who nicked one of my chips!

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