Sunday, 26 February 2012

Hot Apple Pie Pockets - Lazy Sunday breakfast in bed

Get your chops around this!  This is my quick method for hot apple pie stuffed croissants. It's simple, hot and delicious. Serve it with ice cream it's a win win!

Great for a breakfast in bed Sunday treat or as a speedy dessert.


1 big Braeburn apple
1 vanilla pod
15g caster sugar
10g brown sugar
25g butter
a croissant from the local bakery
Ice cream from the freezer.
half a teaspoon on cinnamon if you like that kind of thing.
1 warm, comfy bed that you don't want to get out of (partner optional)

Peel and slice the apple.

Melt the butter in a saucepan

stir in the apple and the sugars

Split the vanilla bean lengthways and scrape out the vanilla beans and stir into the apple, butter and sugars melting away in the saucepan.  Smell that?  Mmmmmm!

Turn to a medium - high heat, stir and cook until apple is soft and sticky... and most of the liquid has absorbed into the apple making it look a little brown, sweet and toffee like.

Pop the croissants into the oven to warm through.  2 mins.  

Take the croissants out of the oven and slice open.  Stuff full of the warm apple mixture and serve with a dollop of good vanilla ice cream on the side.  You could also dollop with creme fraiche or yoghurt.

Best eaten like a sandwich... melt the ice cream inside it and you get that hot/cold wonderful combo.  WOW.  

Enjoy your Sunday guys!

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