Friday, 24 February 2012

Orange Juice

After a sunny start yesterday, I decided to put my pile of work to one side and sneak out of the kitchen to the local trading estate to try to find some curtains for the new place.

But I got distracted by a cool little cafe in the Marks and Spencer's homestore... Gosh. I'm so predictable!

I loved the blue and green chairs and the giant cake stands on the oversized shelves. Aren't they cute?  It looked pretty darn good with the natural wood too and gave me lots and lots of inspiration.

I also got excited to find a bottled orange juice that contained just pure squeezed oranges.  Yep, no absorbic acid, no concentrate, no weird stuff.  And it was very tasty and fresh too.

I'd been looking for an orange juice that just contained orange juice (no big ask you might think) for such a long time it was starting to make me consider getting a juicer and doing it my ruddy self! So thank you Marks and Spencer.

Now I just need to find a muffin that eliminates cellulite.  I'll let you know if I find such a wonder.  I don't hold much hope.

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