Monday, 29 July 2013

Quick Summer Salmon Salad

I've loved the weather we've had in the UK this summer so far (hope you have too). It's been SO hot though and I've definitely not enjoyed cooking in it at all - the last thing I've wanted to do is turn on the oven or hob!  So I came up with this really quick and easy, light and fresh, full of goodness green summer salmon salad.

And do you know the best thing of all?

I didn't cook a thing!

The method is below, just press play!


A handful of spinach leaves
A handful of iceberg lettuce (so refreshing in the hot weather!)
Some thin ribbons of cucumber
4 spring onions, trimmed
A tin of haricot beans, warmed up in the microwave to soften (1.5 min), drained rinsed in cold water
Garlic infused oil  (white beans in garlic oil go so well wish fish! try it!)
Half a lemon
salt and pepper
Salmon steaks, poached  (I bought 4 for £7.50 where there was an offer on - crazily that's £1.87 per steak, you couldn't buy one in a restaurant for 5 times that!)

The whole dish comes out at less (much much less!) than £3.00.  Each bag of lettuce was only a £1 and the haricot beans were 49p.  The spring onions were from a neighbour, and the lemon was less than 25p.

Can't believe it.  Tasty, healthy, delicious, cool, fresh - go on treat yourself!

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