Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Fffood Swap

Who likes food?  Put your hand up.

Ok, cool! I see you!  Now, who wants to swap some food?

Yes, 'swap', not buy - no small change necessary.  Intrigued?

Well, if you are, come on down and see what a fantastic local community foodie Fffood Swap is all about!  There'll also be lots more foodie fun and fodder for you, including a gluten free food demonstration from me where I'll be showing you how to make a delicious Lemon and Lavender Cake and some Summer Bircher Muesli with Perkier gluten free porridge mixes.

And if you have any produce from your garden, come and swap some for another person's carrots (or brocolli, or fruit and berries)  but even if you don't have your own home grown fruit and veggies, come on down anyway as we'll also be swapping old cookbooks, utensils and things you have in your kitchen that you don't use anymore.  Yes folks, this is modern recycling and reusing at it's best!  Just come along, it'll be heaps of fun.

All this is taking place on Saturday 31st August 2013 from 2pm - 4pm at the Subscription Rooms, Nailsworth, Gloucestershire.  I'd love to see you there!

They'll be tea and cake served by The Canteen of Nailsworth too! Yum!

So what's food swapping all about?

Throughout history food has been swapped and traded yet in our busy lifestyles sharing over the garden fence seems to have dwindled and reliance on fast and convenience foods has grown.

The aim of the swap is to bring like-minded people together, reduce waste and save people money. With the origin of our food being questioned in the press lately, people are more keen than ever to know where their food actually comes from, so, what better way than to meet with the growers and producers face to face over a cup of tea and a cake down at a village hall.

Domonic White, founder of ‘FFfood!’ says, “We wanted to hold the event at a time when there is real glut of food, people harvesting from their allotments and baking for their children during the summer holidays. We are hoping it will be a fun, social event that brings the community together, creates a buzz around home produce and that it becomes a regular event in everyone’s calendar”.

The swap encourages people to trade home-made, home-grown, and seasonal produce with each other. Swappers will have the option to put their wares out on a display table or simply mingle with other swappers as they walk around.

A few commercial stalls will showcase local food and drink suppliers who share the same ethos as FFfood! If you are interested in having stall, please contact immediately.

So come along to the  ‘FFfood! Swap’ on Saturday, it's FREE!  Or for further information on swapping you can contact me or the team on  //

You can also WIN a fantastic foodie hamper - see the Facebook page for more info  or follow on Twitter @fffood_

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