Tuesday, 18 September 2012

A whole lot of anticipation for Wholefoods...

The new store will look similar to the London Piccadilly Wholefoods...

Whole Foods Market, the natural and organic grocery store, will open its first store outside of London in Cheltenham in November 2012.

I’m so excited, I’m making my shopping list already...avocados, mangos, quinoa, sushi, cupcakes, tofu, veggie juice, roasted fresh chicken....(I think I’m more excited than I was about the Spice Girls performing at the closing Olympic Ceremony actually, and that takes some beating).

Situated on the Gallagher Retail Park on the Tewkesbury Road, the new store will be a food and beauty store that redefines what you would think of as a supermarket.

The way I describe a Wholefoods store to people who haven’t experienced one is that it’s like Disneyland for food lovers. 

I love that the new store will be a place for parents and children to hang-out and learn all about how to lead a healthy lifestyle, learn some new cookery skills and take home some great local food.  Outside, parents can chat over coffee (weather permitting in the UK!) and inside; breakfast, lunch and dinner will be served up by Wholefoods chefs, demonstrating new food ideas in the demo kitchen.  

I’ll be taking my best friend (who has recently given birth to two amazing twins) because organic food brands such as Ella’s Kitchen and Plum Baby will be on shelf alongside natural nappy brands and skincare brands including Mama Mio and Blossom & Bloom.

Are you excited yet?  I hope so!  Wholefoods will inspire you and show you how to live the healthy lifestyle you’re always dreaming of, so get ready for something amazing.  What are you looking forward to most about the new Wholefoods store?

To keep up to date with the latest news about the store, follow @wfm_Cheltenham on Twitter or ‘like’ Whole Foods Market Cheltenham on Facebook. 


  1. I can see it'll be meeting at Wholefoods for a coffee :) xx

  2. Yes it will definitely! I'll see you there (did you know that they're also having their own Coffee Roastery!?) It's bananas!