Sunday, 11 November 2012

Autumn colours... and this time last year

I realised when I uploaded these photos from my Instagram that all the colours were very 'Autumny'.  It wasn't intentional.  I think that's just the 'colour' this time of year has become.

So this is what I've mostly been up to.  Lots of soup making, lots of pumpkin pie trialling (I have been trying to make a gluten free crust that works... the filling works, but the crust is still not quite there... needs more work.)

I've also been cranking up my yoga routine and made these Bruschetta Toasts for my friends and family with some fresher than fresh baguette from the brand new Whole Foods Market Cheltenham that opened its awesome doors this week.  The bread is baked from scratch every day and it's the best bread you'll ever taste (well that's what my Dad said!) Haven't you been yet? Come on! Where have you been?  :)

So that's what I've been up to this month; as well as trying to keep warm (I bought some amazingly warm Merino wool tights from M&S that have been keeping me snug), eating soup (my favourite is my simple roasted butternut and red pepper with miso) and drinking lots of Teapigs Green Tea (which I love).

This time last year I was in Perth in Western Australia and it was hot.  Damn hot.  I remember walking to work at 7am in the morning and it was hot.  I had the unfortunate uniform of 'all black' which required me to wear black leggings and a black top - both of which sizzled in the heat.  Just walking 3 minutes from the train station to my workplace my leggings could have fried an egg on them.  I remember looking at the weather App on my phone seeing what the weather for the next day would be and my heart sinking when it was going to be 'hotter'.  In contrast, this year I'm looking at my weather App and my heart is sinking when I see the night time temperature teetering on 1 degree.  1 degree?  I'm going to need another pair of tights!

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  1. Ohh those pictures are just so lovely. I am anxious to have a slice of pumpkin pie this year, one of my absolute faves!! Stay warm out there!

    Cathy Trails