Thursday, 29 November 2012

Wintery Warmers

Things I like this time of year...

Hot drinks.  Sitting by a fire with a hot drink, snuggled in a blanket.  This cup sleeve can be found here.

Wearing my long wooly socks.  Who cares about fashion, I'm warm.

The 'day scarf' :  wearing a scarf all day... and night... and almost forgetting to take it off when showering. I love this lambswool snood (a snood is a 'scarf' crossed with a 'hood'  hence 'snood'.)

Fingerless gloves that enable you to still use an iPhone.  I always wondered what the point of fingerless gloves were and now I know.

Exercising.  Exercising this time of year keeps you warm and healthy throughout the winter months. Exercise builds muscle and muscle keeps you warm.  Exercise also boots your immune system, especially when you exercise outside and get lots of lovely oxygen in your lungs.  Muscle also burns fat, even when your doing nothing (yes, really).  So all-in-all exercise is great this time of year, not only to keep you warm, fend of colds and flu, but also to be burning away those 'puddings with ice cream' calories!  

I recently met a wonderfully inspiring lady and personal trainer from Cheltenham who's going to get you all fit for Christmas and the new year - yes you can be a size 8 and fit into that slinky Christmas party dress with Laura's unique weight loss system.

Post (REAL post, not email). Receiving mail from friends and family all over the world reminds me how lucky I am to have these people in my life and that no matter how big the world is, everyone is always within reach.  Sending someone post in the mail is such a great thing - SO much cooler than email (yawn)  I love receiving mail (just so long as it's not a bill payment that's due - that's not as pleasurable)!  I'm sending my amazing friends in Australia some post because I can't send myself there this Christmas to be with them.  But maybe next year :)

I recently received a lovely package in the mail from the talented lady behind inkpaintpaper who makes beautiful greetings cards and gifts.  I'm so proud to be sending her cards to my friends this Christmas.  Have you written your cards yet?

Daydreaming.  I like daydreaming with cup of green tea and a nice view.  Most of my daydreams at the moment are about having my own kitchen with a nice big table that I can put big platters of food on and feed all my friends!  ...And maybe a place where I can teach people to cook too, that would be nice.  A bit like this had to be from Sweden, right?

But dreams aren't just dreams you know, if you really want something, dreams can come true.  So think about all the lovely things you want to happen in 2013 and start on making them come true now.  Where ever you are, just starting is the best step and, who know's what you'll have achieved by this time next year.


  1. Love that last part! Very inspirational!

  2. Thanks Shelly! Yeah dreaming is brilliant - but don't waste those dreams, and don't waste a second making them happen - aim high and you'll go far!! :) x

  3. Wow I'm obsessed with that scarf. Feel free to send it this way Angie ;)

    Did you enter my giveaway? It ends on Wednesday! I ship everywhere too! :)

    Cathy Trails

    Revlon Just Bitten Giveaway

  4. Hey Cathy the scarf is awesome isn't it! I have been waiting to get paid to buy a nice new snuggy scarf for the icey mornings we're having here in Britain! I am sure it would be pretty light to post in the mail too ;) xx