Friday, 14 December 2012

Christmas shopping

As my kitchen at home is still in a state of repair (it's a long story!) I've been doing a bit of Christmas shopping.  Here are some lovely things I found in Next of all places - they've got a rather good christmas gift section for foodies, so I made sure I took some photos for Santa!

How cute is my new pal Jeremy the Reindeer?  Jeremy was given to me by my good friend and yoga teacher Sandra for our Secret Santa this year.  I named him Jeremy and I'm now on the look out for a little yoga mat for him so he can join our Yoga class.  Jeremy is a shower sponge actually from The Body Shop, and they have some awesome gifts this Christmas.  And I LOVE their body butters too, have you tried them?

So how is your Christmas shopping going?  I hope you're all having a healthy and happy December!
Cute and cosy cushion from


  1. That jug! Oh my gooooooosshhhhh!

  2. I know, isn't it adorable! Thanks for coming by, great to meet you Weir House! x Happy Christmas x