Thursday, 20 December 2012

Who would be your dream dinner party guests?

There's a couple of things I really like;  Bears (big cuddly ones) and Ikea.  Oh and entertaining my friends.  So as you can imagine, when I saw Ikea's new advert, I fell in love!

Besides the awesome kitchen, I would really like a big grizzly bear to help me in my kitchen.  Can you imagine all the honey you'd eat - I LOVE honey!

I love all the toys around the table too - which reminded me of that fun question that you sometimes get asked at dinner parties - Who would be your dream dinner party guests be?  You know, like Winston Churchill, that kind of thing.

So it got me thinking.  Who WOULD my dream dinner party guests be?

Rick Stein - because he was the first TV chef that got me into cooking and, as I LOVE seafood, he'd be great to have around my table!

Winston Churchill - ok, yes he's a bit of an obvious one.  I admire the way he took everything in his stride and just got on with a very difficult job at a very difficult time. He didn't care what anyone thought, he just got sh*t done.  I think that was the key to his success.  He was also a very keen artist (like me) so I think we'd get on well.

My lovely blog friends from around the world;  Cathy, Shelly and Michelle - the ladies that inspire me everyday with food, creativity and optimism.  Thank you ladies!

Bill Grainger - another cool, laid back Aussie chef.  Who taught me that you don't have to be poncey to be a chef.  There is perfection in simplicity.  And no, your average Joe does NOT know what a bain marie is and does NOT care.

Sir Patrick Moore - Who very sadly passed away this week.  An extraordinary man who inspired me to see the stars and learn about the solar system when I was 8 years old.  I got given a book on astronomy one Christmas and read that book from cover to cover.  Yes, Saturn is a big ball of gas ;)  (Yes, I am a geek.)

My amazing friends back in Australia.  Last Christmas I spent it with them and had the most amazing day.  This Christmas I hope to be able to Skype them and share it with them a tiny bit, even if I'm not there in person this year.

Who would your dinner party guests be?


  1. Hi Angie! Your blog looks very simple, genuine and impressive. If I have to name my dream dinner party guests then they would be Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra, Hollywood actor Denzel Washington, Cathy from Cathy Trails, my boyfriend, my best friend, John F Kennedy, Indian scientist and former president Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam and my entire family!
    Keep posting :)

  2. Angie!! What a fun post to read :) Just off the top of my head, I would love to have you be one of my dinner guests as well as...Jillian Michaels for her motivational spirit and attitude...Steve Jobs so that I can pick his brain silly...and possibly Christopher Walken so his accent can make me giggle!

    I hope you had a lovely New Years! Cheers to more joy this year :)

    Cathy Trails