Thursday, 28 March 2013

My new discoveries in the kitchen

Here's my top kitchen crushes this week.....

Yellow! The  daffodils are out, the sun is shining, chicks are chirping.  Now we just need a bit of warmth and we're set!  I know Spring isn't far away and I think yellow is definitely my colour this Easter!

Left to right, top to bottom....

1. Spring shirts! LOVE this shirt from Boden.  I also love the yellow beetle car too but I don't think Boden ship these ;)  The shirt is a definite staple piece this spring and I love wearing shirts!

2. Coasters!  Yep, I always need a good coaster because I am always spilling my drinks and they make terrible marks everywhere!  These are from Laura Ashley.  There's also matching placemats :)

3. Picnic time!!  Oh my goodness I'm getting excited about the spring now - picnics, camping, or is it 'glamping' nowdays?  Whatever, a nice glass of wine, a nice packed lunch, a picnic rug and some sunshine.  Perfect.  Just perfect!  This picnic rug is from John Lewis, made of wool and just £15.00.

4. A new beauty wonder-cream! Oh my goodness I love it when I make a new beauty discovery!  Balmology balms are blended from natural plant oils and free from preservatives, emulsifiers, fragrance and fillers -  I have fallen in love with their Comfort Balm (made with calendula and camomile - smells incredible) and has made my hands and dry skin magically soft and radiant.  Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream used to be the winner in wonder-balms but I think Balmology's Comfort Balm might be the beauty wonder-cream of the future.  I can see all the celebrities having this balm as their little secret handbag staple.  You can only buy online at the moment here - but it's just a matter of time before this balm goes global!

Have a lovely Easter break everybody!!

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