Sunday, 24 March 2013

Weekly Round Up

OMG it's freezing here in the UK right now.  It's supposed to be Spring; chicks are supposed to be chirping and bunnies bouncing around in green fields where Easter holiday makers are having picnics.  Instead it's -9 degrees  - It's so cold I had to submerge myself in a scolding hot bath last night just to be able to defreeze my poor toes.

It's a good job I have my new teapot to slurp on a piping hot mug of my favourite new loose leaf green tea.  I am so in love with my new teapot - simple things make me happy!

I had a delicious lunch at my friend Anjna's house on Friday - Anj is an amazing cook (much better than me, she actually grinds her own spices!) and so when she invited me over for lunch I didn't need to think twice - I know I'm a blinkin nightmare to cook for because of all my allergies... but Anj really did an awesome job at cooking up a very special treat!

Mackerel with a fennel and apple salad full of spices, fennel seeds, cinnamon and yogurt dressing  - Wowser! Yes, Please! (I'm still licking my lips).  We then scoffed out way through gluten free scones for afternoon tea.  

I gave Anj a bit of a training session on blogging too as she's going to start a blog with her cooking adventures.  I don't know why she thinks I'm such an expert! I'm still learning myself.  I can't believe it's been 2 years since I started blogging and when I started I seriously knew nothing. I fumbled my way through and started to pick thing up along the way and muddle through.  And I still do!  But one thing I would say to anyone wanting to start a blog is that it takes time, and you just have to start.  Just start blogging and the rest will come... it is a bit like riding a bike.  I know it sounds cliche,  but it really is.   

Of course, when Anjna's blog is up and running I will tell you all to check out her amazing recipes!

I hope you've had a warm and snug Sunday everybody!  I'm off to find coffee and a warm fire!

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