Monday, 9 September 2013

Dad visits YO! Sushi

I love Sushi.  And I love bargains.

So when YO! Sushi came up with their September Blues promo of £2.50 sushi,  I was down there faster than you could say 'Chicken Katsu'.

I decided to take my parents along.  They've not been to YO! Sushi before and knew they'd love it, but wouldn't necessarily go on their own.  Although my Dad needed a bit of persuading, 'I need a big meal Ang, I can't eat little bits of fish..'

'No Dad,'  I reassured him. 'That's not what Sushi is nowadays, there's loads you can have, they're got fried rice, fried noodles, beef, chicken and cheesecake balls...'

'Cheesecake balls?'  His eyes lit up.

'Yes Dad, you'll love it.'

Dad was also relieved that he didn't have to use chopsticks either.

Dad had the vegetable firecracker rice and loved it.  He tried some sushi too, quite liked it, and then he had vegetable tempura (vegetables in batter with a dipping sauce).  Yep, you can guess he loved that too.

Dad also enjoyed the entertainment value and couldn't stop looking around and watching the food go by on the conveyor belt.  'Can I have that?  He pointed to a dish that looked like pancakes.

'Yes, you can take anything from the belt Dad, but you can't put it back!'  But it was too late, Dad had already taken the dish from the conveyor belt and started dipping it in the sweet berry dipping sauce.

'Oh wow, that's amazing'  He said, mouthful of sweet pancakes.

I quickly had to remind him, 'Don't over do it now! You won't have room for your cheesecake balls!'

Watch the little video above for my Dad's reaction!

YO! Sushi Cheltenham is just before Starbucks on the Promenade where Pizza Hut used to be.  You can't miss it.  The staff are lovely too, and all too happy to advise you of what to have and always on hand if you have a question.  The September promo ends on 13th September so get in quick!

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