Friday, 31 August 2012

Kitchen Crushes 10.0

One day (I'm not sure when, still trying to figure out this with my fairygodmother, so bear with me) but I hope to have a kitchen like this.

It just makes you want to bake, doesn't it?  I firmly believe the kitchen is the heart of every home - and your environment inspires you to make great food.  Looking at this kitchen makes me want to bake a pie ..... what does it make you want to bake?

I'm been super dooper busy this week, but I did get a chance to experiment baking with some gluten free flour.  I wanted to make a roasted vegetable quiche - but it didn't go entirely to plan.  The pastry was way too crumbly, but the inside was gorgeous! 

Vintage Starbucks Tee, demin shorts and leopard pumps? Yes please!  Which reminds me, if you love putting outfits together or you're a wannabe fashion designer, this cool website 'Clothes Box' are holding a competition and the winner will have their design made!  All the deets are here folks.

Friday morning Farmer's Market on the Cheltenham Promenade.  Queues of people buying local produce from local farmers and sellers - organic, healthy and inspiring.  I love the atmosphere here!

My unsuccessful attempt at a gluten free quiche.  The inside was 'dairy free' and made with Alpro Soya Cream instead of double cream and goat cheese instead of regular cheese  - and it worked great! So tasty.  Just need to work on the pastry.  

Super cute and cool, handmade puppy bunting from the talented Lizzie and Peach  - super handmade gifts that are one of a kind.  Just lovely!  This puppy bunting garland will surely appeal to all pooch lovers.

I hope you're all having a great week - hope to catch you for more kitchen and food adventures soon!


  1. Ohh! That kitchen makes me want to go all out and make a chocolate souffle Julia Child style or something!! lol! Hope you're doing great girl! :)

    Cathy Trails

  2. Oh yes that does sound great Cathy! I'd like to try a big spoonful of that souffle! I'm good thank you - I hope you are too! Love all the way over to you xoxox