Friday, 3 August 2012


Aside from cooking and healthy living - I also love to do yoga.  I started yoga 5 years ago and back then I couldn't even touch my toes.  Now I can get my wrists on the floor and do a number of backbends and balances.  I'm constantly learning and broadening my yoga practise - it gets more exciting each time I go to my favourite class.   I saw this video and thought it was so cute and inspiring, I just had to share it with you :)  Happy weekend xo


  1. Happy Weekend to you too!
    I love Yoga but don't like going to the classes. I'm not a fan of being told what to do (lol) so I have trouble not wanting to run out of the class screaming. Everything else about it I LOVE. I'm going to try to start doing some yoga at home soon.

  2. I totally know what you mean actually Michelle - I don't like going to classes where they walk around 'adjusting' you lots. It depends on the teacher, if I find a good teacher, then I'm really into it. There's so many different types of yoga, it's best to go and try lots and then you'll find a teacher a practise that you just fall in love with :) Or there's lots of youtube to try in the comfort of your own home... try Rodney Yee, or Jen Aniston's yoga teacher Mandy Ingbur. Namaste :) xo

  3. Love love love yoga. And that must be the most adorable yoga video I've ever seen. Lol! Your button is up on my page, check it out. It looks perfect :)