Saturday, 18 August 2012

Kitchen Crushes 9.0

I'm dreaming of lovely kitchens and hanging out with my friends while slurrping on an iced coffee. Mmmm - Join me?  This bench is awesome.  I would hang out here all day if I could.

With the UK well and truly in 'summertime' flow now,  I can't get enough ice in my drinks. I just love crunching on ice, don't you?!

I really must confess though that I'm not keen on the Starbucks or other coffee chain Frappes because they contain colossel amounts of sugar and cream.  Basically it's like drinking a milkshake from that 'well known burger chain'.  But I have to say that they are amazing and for this reason, when I found this alternative to make your own at home - and you can 'manage' how much sugar goes into it and use whatever milk alternative you like (I use Aplro soya) - then it's a win win situation!

And what's the best thing to have with a coffee? Biscuits!  Yes I know biscuits are not good for the waistline, but that doesn't matter if you have this groovy biscuit print from Whimsey and Wonder Art on Folksy Crafts!  This print is totally fat-free! I love it.  But, if you do want some real biscuit treats then this lovely Flamingo tin will be a perfect hiding place, designed by Julia Davey and found here.

And the shoes? Well, I just saw them and my mouth hung open for a while.  Love at first sight, right?  They're from Topshop US - so I think you're in luck if you're in the US, but in the UK our Topshops is now stocking Autumn/Winter wear, so we don't have them *sad face*.  But in my dreams I'm wearing these shoes, slurrping an iced coffee and sitting on a bench by the river.

Have a great weekend everybody!


  1. I want those sandals Angie!! They're soo cute and the color is perfect for summer :)

  2. I know are't they just so cute!!!