Monday, 30 July 2012

Summer Social

This week I joined the ‘we are social’ club summer special (find us on twitter at @wearesocialclub or here) at one of my favourite café’s, Pepper Crescent (12 Royal Well, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire). 

The evening saw a lip-licking selection of well designed ‘bowl’ food being passed around and enjoyed  -  what I can only describe as a little bit like Tapas for the Brits!  Personally I like trying lots of different types of food and thought this design of eating was brilliant – just the way that eating Tapas in Spain is so much fun with friends.

We enjoyed the food so much so that I was unable to take photos of any of the dishes because we polished off the lot before we got a chance to get our cameras out.  The only thing I managed to snap was the lovely summery pea and bean risotto.  We also had a fantastic burger in a lovely buttery bun, a mini chicken pie and the Brit classic Eton Mess.  Oh, and not forgetting our free Cranberry Kiss drink on arrival.   Did the champagne go to my head? Oh yes. 

Not only was the food fantastic but the entertainment from Canadian singer/songwriter David Ward complimented this relaxing evening perfectly, together with the evening sunshine.

Not been to the #wearesocialclub nights yet?  Then come along, the people, food and atmosphere are great!  The next one is August 30th, and I can’t wait.

You don’t have to wait until 30th August to sample Pepper Crescent café’s delicious food and burgers again – they’re always open and you can find them here.  Their weekly specials menu is infamous.


  1. Angie!! What a lovely idea to join such a fun crowd! I bet that food was amazing :) Can't wait to hear more about it when you attend again on Aug 30. I got your email and the logo looks great on your site! How exciting!! I'm super honored :) So happy to hear your fitness goals are going crossed off the list for the past week, doesn't it feel soo good? Keep up the amazing work friend!! Talk soon!!


  2. What a fantastic night...looks like so much fun. Catherine