Tuesday, 30 April 2013

A day out in Clifton, Bristol

You may or may not know that I've been without a sofa for the last month. I recently moved y'see and I've been saving up for a new one. (But things like car tax and insurance popped up and all the pennies were suddenly gone. Damn.)

While waiting for a new sofa,  I've mostly been having picnics on my lounge floor and really appreciating that sitting on the floor isn't actually as comfy or as 'cool' as I thought it might be.  And it's kind of hard after a while.

So I went to see a second hand sofa in Bristol and while I was there I decided to pop along to Clifton.  Clifton is a really cool village in Bristol that's just bursting with a cool creative urban vibe ...and a few Banksy originals dotted in between.

My Twitter followers were fast to recommend lots of their favourite eateries, so I set about finding one of them, the Primrose Cafe.  And I was far from disappointed!  I LOVED this place.  Walking down this little 'laneway' street reminded me of Melbourne so much - and the coffee was perfect.  I was one happy Clifton coffee'd up bunny.

a)  Thank you Primrose Cafe for this perfect coffee!  Do you send by courier? ;)

b) Beautiful colourful, fresh fruit and veg from 'Reg the Veg' shop in the same laneway.  I wish I'd bought my shopping bags!

c) A cool tea-towel in a shop window!  Clifton is full of artsy shops and galleries with cool unique finds from independent traders.  I liked them all!

d) The cool laneway - outdoor seating!  This looked even more beautiful in the sunshine (but it sadly went in behind the clouds when I took this photo!)

e) A really sweet little flower shop.

f) Crumbs magazine - I'd followed these guys for a while on Twitter so I was excited when I found a copy in a cafe here which I leafed through while sipping on a cup of tea.  I discovered so many other Bristol eateries that I am already planning my next excuse to go!

Thank you to all the Twitter'ers that recommended their favourite cafes!  I'll be back soon.  Love you all x

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