Monday, 18 June 2012

Food and Drink Festival Favourites!

The Montpellier Food and Drink Festival 2012 just rocked into town!

It's one of my favourite tongue-tantilising events of the summer, full of lovely food produced by talented foodies from around the county and beyond.

I got to try lots of 'freebie-bites' going around the event that I didn't need any lunch.  I had a few too many free 'trial' scoops of ice cream flavours (I had a neapolitan cocktail of tastes on my tongue for the rest of the day).

If you missed it, here are some of my favourites snaps from the event.  what a lovely colourful selection of sweet treats there were!

1. I can't remember who made the macaroons but just look at the lovely colours!

2 and 5. I Love Patisserie - made by Tracey Dugan in Herefordshire.

3. Crumpet cupcakes.  They looked amazing and I wanted to try one, but by this time I was on sugar overload and so my friend tried one for me.  She loved it!

4. A lovely array of Jams...

5. Frasers Fudj. Fraser of Fraser's Fudj is an 11 year old wonder-kid!  He's the mastermind behind this fudge company  - the burnt butter fudge is particularly special and I think that this very clever young chap is certainly an Alan Sugar of the future. I can see in the year 2020, Fraser and his fudge company (that derived from his grandfather's fudge recipe books) will be a household name!

I also bought a lovely honey and mustard dressing from a chap from Stainswick Farm.  Possibly the yummiest honey and mustard dressing I've tasted in a long time - beats my current favourite from Marks and Spencers - so I just sloshed some on a quick salad for lunch.  Yum.

There's another food festival on this coming weekend called the Love Food Festival (there's also another one on 1st July here) that I might pop along to and get some more food inspiration and treats.  I.just.can't.wait.


  1. Hi Angie,
    Yum, yum & yum, all these treats (including the salad) look so colourful and delicious! I just visited Frasers Fudge website wow good on him..he sounds like a really nice kid as well. Catherine x

  2. I know Catherine! He's such a cool little guy, isn't it! And his fudge reminded me of he fudge my Grandfather used to give to me! I loved discovering all these great food producers in my area at the festival - hoping they can get involved in the blog soon! Happy love Angie xo

  3. Oh yum! #5 looks divine and are you serious? 11 years old? That is incredible and inspiring. Although slightly discouraging just because I am 27, still figuring out my passions, and this 11 yr old kid is phenomenal at his passion. Kudos to him Lol!
    Cathy Trails

  4. I totally agree Cathy - thanks for stopping by again, good to see you and you're lovely smile! :) xo