Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Healthy start to the day - finished up with a healthy dinner

I wish every day was as healthy as this.

This was...

1 tin of peach halves
5 strawberries
200g Greek Yogurt
Splash of vanilla soy milk (or almond milk - whatever works for you)
Tiny squeeze of lemon

Add a few sprinklings of oats to make this shake go from 'Bamb' to 'Wham!'

Mix it all up in the blender.  How easy is that?

This was the start to my day.

Still on the healthy vibe, I had a great chicken and avocado sandwich on rye bread for lunch (sorry, I ate it all before I realised that maybe I should have snapped it for the blog.)  Then for dinner I got all Ottolenghi inspired and whipped this up...

It was a bit of a 'wing-it' production, but turned out well. Mainly because you can't go wrong with peas, spinach and goat cheese.


1 garlic chopped
1 tablespoon of Olive Oil
1 chopped leak
1 bunch of green cabbage leaves (kale?)
4 asparagus spears chopped
a cup of peas (frozen will do!)
A hand full of spinach leaves
a hand full of chopped mint
a small knob of butter.

1) Fry off some garlic in a wok (with a little oil).

2) Add the chopped leak, some green cabbage and the peas and asparagus.

3) Add about 50ml water and watch it all steam away and cook up (or 'blanch' as chefs like to say).

4) When the water's all steamed away you can keep stirring and stir in the spinach leaves.  Add a small knob of butter and the chopped mint. Stir, stir, stir.

5) Serve up straight away before the spinach has wilted too much.

6) Sprinkle some shavings of goat cheese on the top.

A healthy, nutritious meal, full of lovely green veggie vitamins and minerals.... what's not to enjoy here?!

...Greens never tasted SO good!

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  1. Loving this healthy shake recipe! It sounds super tasty and healthy. At this time, i've been doing the Herbalife shakes and they're not too bad :) But to switch it up, I'll be sure to do this one instead. Thanks!!

    Cathy Trails