Saturday, 16 June 2012

A quick wrap snack!

Here's my roasted vegetable wrap snack for you to make and enjoy yourselves!  It's a vegetarian's feast, (or if you like meat you can also put some chicken in this wrap and it's still yummy!)


Tesco finest red onion chutney

1 handful spinach leaves

2 Carrots, chopped and roasted

1 Capsicum/Bell pepper chopped and roasted

Crumbling of goat cheese

Salt and Pepper

You can roast up a ton more vegetables and incorporate them into lots of other yummy dishes throughout your working week - a risotto, some quinoa, cous cous, a tart, a fritatta.. the list is endless - or just leave in the fridge to pick at for snacks!

I've just thought, this is more like a vegetable burrito than a wrap, isn't it?  Well, burrito or wrap, it's delish!  Try it and it'll put your average boring sandwich to shame.


  1. Looks delicious! Love your site - super playful colors.

    I found your blog as a fellow BWY2.0 student!


  2. Hey Shelly!
    Thanks for stopping by! Mutual blog love appreciation back at ya! Hope we can collaborate on a groovy post together soon! Angie xo