Friday, 29 June 2012

Kitchen Crushes 3.0

This week's Kitchen Crushes have an '..oh I do like to be beside the seaside...' theme. It didn't start out that way, I promise, but it's obviously the way my mind is creatively day dreaming today.  

1. I've started eating eggs and soldiers for breakfast again. I'd totally forgotten how much of a simple pleasure this was.  Packed full of Vitamin D, eggs are like a nutricious power-house and really give me a spring in my step in the morning (which we all need from times to time, let's me honest). These egg cups are by Charlotte Macey who hand makes pretty textiles, homewares and gifts. They would be perfect to serve my soft boiled eggs in - so cute and perfectly designed. You can buy them online here  direct from her studio (I love the yacht one!)

2. I saw this necklace and it reminded me of fairground rides and amusement arcades by the seaside.  It's called 'Paris scene necklace' (so I have no idea why it evoked memories of seasides!) and is from one of my favourite online shops 'The Prettiest Things' who make really random and uniquely fun jewellery.  I think I'd wear this necklace to a summer evening dinner party.

3.  My kitchen interior crush of the week - cornflower blue, hues and clean white painted wood.  You can't go wrong.  And the simple shelving is an organised winner.  There's even fresh eggs on the table!

4.  I love this print by Showler and Showler from  It's simple and fun.  If I had the kitchen on the left, I'd hang it up on the wall.  In this imaginary 'cornflower blue life' I'd probably have a yacht too.

With all these thoughts of beaches, fresh sea air and food, all I need is a long weekend in my favourite St Ives, Cornwall.  Maybe The Little Leaf Guest House has some vacancies?  Can you think of anything more lovely than eggs and soldiers for breakfast, overlooking the sea?  No, neither can I.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great blog Angie! I look forward to reading more :)
    ok... stupid/silly question... what's soldiers? I've never heard that before over here in Vancouver, Canada. I EVEN asked my boyfriend. lol

    1. Hi Michelle thanks for stopping by! Soldiers are what we Brits call piece of toasted bread that we dip in the running yolk of an egg! They're the best! Have you ever dipped in a boiled egg before? In Australia they put vegemite on the toast too and dip - It's SO good! Take a look at this link! Have a happy weekend Michelle! xo

    2. Ahh I see, okay totally know what that is now. It actually used to gross me out. I'm slowly coming around to it. But only when it's poached eggs on toast. Mmm.. craving eggs now!

    3. Oh yes, poached eggs on toast are the best. Mmm!! :))