Monday, 16 July 2012

Gluten free cookies and workshop announcement

Happy Monday everyone!

How cute are these butterfly bites?  These are my very special gluten free cookies, simple bites of happiness for gluten free bunnies like me.

I have an exciting announcement for all you gluten free fans in the UK.  I am currently planning a gluten free baking workshop with the very lovely and awesome Blue Door Bakery in the West Midlands and I am SO excited to be able to share with you some of these gluten free recipes, amongst Gluten Free Cupcake making and Gluten Free Choc Banana Bread.  Both are recipes I've tweaked over the last few months to get perfect. Dates will be announced soon.

I tried these cookies out on my nieces and they could not tell the difference from a real cookie!  In fact, all that were left of these cookies were crumbs!  So much more healthy for the children too as so many biscuits contain super-shocking-levels of salt, hydrogenated fats and other nasties.  These cookies contain only 5 natural ingredients.  Horrah!

If you'd like to be kept informed of the baking workshop that we're cooking up, send me an email or Tweet @dishesundressed with the hastag #glutenfreebaking.

Now it's time for a coffee with my cookie.  Courtesy of Jimmy's wonderful Iced Coffee - I've found a new friend!!  I love the little moustache the carton gives you when you drink from it.  SO funny.

It's actually given me a wonderful idea for a coffee cake!  Stay tuned.


  1. The cookies look delicious.. I'm becoming more and more aware lately about what goes into our food so five natural ingredients sounds so healthy. Good luck with the workshop sounds like it will be alot of fun.

  2. Thanks so much Catherine! Yes, the manufacturers are being really naughty, the levels of salt and sugar are going crazy - it just goes to show that you can make even yummier food naturally without all of the weird stuff. I'm so excited about the workshops too - I will let you know how they go! Have a great week Catherine - much love Angie xo