Friday, 20 July 2012

Kitchen Crushes 6.0

Oh my goodness, can you believe it’s Friday already?  Where did that week go to I wonder?  

Maybe I’ve been lurking on Pinterest too much, developing a crush on all these new finds!

I saw my friend 'Line earlier in the week, she’s getting married in August and we popped to the local craft store to look for wedding favor inspiration.  While she looked around the store, the new Martha Stewart book distracted me.  Well, I was hooked.  I’ve now ordered this book from Amazon and can’t wait for it to arrive.  Then Line and I are going to have a craft night and make some pretty things.

Second in my crushes this week is this pretty bracelet that I found on Etsy here at PetiteCo.  I am so into pastels right now, I think this bracelet would look really nice on my wrist while I whisk up some egg whites to make a pavlova in the sunshine. 

I’d love to get a pink blazer for the summer, but I can’t find one anywhere!  This one was from Zara, but they’ve sold out.  I’ll keep looking.  I love to wear colourful clothes, I think it makes your day happier when you wear colourful clothes. 

I found these cute tumblers via a new follower on Twitter Angel Lifestyle.  The birds inside the cup, the cute pastel colours – what’s not to love about these? You could have a juice in them, or a Latte.  Either way, they’d look great on display in any kitchen!

Courtesy of Joyful Lova via FlickR
Talking of display's in kitchens, I have a bit of a thing for organisation.  I think it comes from living in a cluttered house when I was younger (my father is an ‘artist’ and he’s got a lot of creative clutter!)  So obviously I developed in completely the opposite way (although my car is so untidy I am embarrassed to take passengers. I guess I have to let go somewhere, right?)

So when I saw these picture of Lova’s beautifully organised kitchen shelves on FlickR, it made my heart skip a beat.  These are great ‘go to’ shelves for cooking essentials; the bowls for cereal, the small plates for salads; herbs and spices; and an iPod dock to play some Lionel Richie while you’re cooking in the kitchen (Oh no, you found out my guilty secret love affair with Lionel!).  Lova also has a blog and makes some really pretty crafts here

These would also be my ‘go-to’ essential ‘tools’ too – the pasta spork to serve pasta with, and what I call ‘flippers’ !

As well as the essential organisation here, the colours are so pretty they just inspire you to cook something fresh and healthy, right?

There’s more beautiful photographs of Lova’s home and garden in her Flickr stream and she’s really inspired me to grow more of my own produce to cook with it too – thank you Lova for the inspiration.

Have a lovely weekend everyone.  I am off to the Gloucester Quays Food Festival  - this can only mean one thing; great food and drink! (I'm going to search for some banana bread for my friend Jim). Full report will be on the blog on Monday.


  1. eekk thankyou for the mention! looking forward to our crafty night :) xx

  2. I love your kitchen crushes! Can't wait to hear more about that Martha Stewart book - isn't she just superwoman!! That bracelet is so delicate and elegant. Love it!

  3. Hi Angie! Thank you for stopping by my blog + your lovely message; it's so nice to meet you + discover your blog :) I love cooking (and eating!) healthy meals, so I will be back to read more about your recipes - those zuchhini fritters look amazing!! xx

  4. Thank you so much Rachel! Lovely to have you stop by - keep in touch :) (yes you must try the zucchini fritters they are so yummy!) xx

  5. Hi Angie, Thanks so much for featuring a bit of my kitchen in your kitchen crushes post. That ikea shelving (Varde) is so versatile, I have another one that I use as plants shelving on the kitchen windowsill, and I reckon it would also be great as a storage display in a craft room. Love your thai prawn mango noodle recipe in a previous post. Have a wonderful summer. Lova

  6. Thank you so much Lova for letting me feature them on the blog to show everyone! Your home is so inspiring, colourful and has given me lots of motivation to get my new shelves up! Have a really super summer full of colourful blue skies and sunshine too! :) xx