Thursday, 26 July 2012

Kitchen Crushes 7.0

Hello again kitchen lovers!  It's that time of week again for kitchen day-dreaming! Join me in a little fantasy kitchen crush with these beautiful objects of desire.

I'm in love the storage solution in the first picture here form the design files australia.  Look at those cups hanging neatly on the pegs on the shelf.  The pastel colours are so lovely too, don't you think?

Look at this lovely mirror cut 'Delicious' decoration.  When I finally get my new kitchen, this sign is going to have a big part to play - maybe above the doorway?!

And because we've been blessed with some glorious summer sunshine in the UK for the past week, I couldn't resist this 'Give me Sunshine' tea towel.  It just makes me dream of a lovely clean, white kitchen, drenched in warm sunshine.  Eating a bowl of strawberries and cream, right?  Sharing that same fantasy as me? Good :)

I picked these myself... the bigger ones are always up high!

Both the tea towel and the Delicious sign are from a really awesome website called Lasso The Moon (cute name hey?) where they've got so many more cute things to check out!

I love the espresso maker below it, which is the same zingy green colour - John Lewis do this great one - I really need to get an espresso machine to give me a good boot in the mornings!

Last of all is this really cool idea for shelving in the kitchen - display your magazines!  Like a coffee house, right?  Lay out some magazines for your visitors, or just to flick through to pass the time while you're waiting for the kettle to boil.

I love the plates just hanging out there on the shelf too.

Enjoy the sunshine wherever you are in the world today!  Have a great time - I'm going off to grill some prawns on the BBQ.

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